STT Little Bird

Say goodbye to F5

A man uses STT Little Bird with his laptop.

Lehtikuva / Emmi Korhonen


Let a robot do the website tracking for you.

STT Little Bird is a website monitoring tool developed specifically for journalists and news media. Little Bird helps journalists to keep track on newsworthy information in different websites. It sends an email alert when there are changes on a webpage which is tracked.

Little Bird can be set to monitor only a selected part of a page, a numeric value or keywords.

Little Bird can be used also in other fields for purposes like monitoring authorities and competitors. The browser extension is easy to install and master.

If your organization wants to try the freemium-version of STT Little Bird, contact us and we can set up a free trial.

Please contact

For further information on Little Bird, please contact STT Media Services, mediapalvelut(at), +358 9 6958 1334