Finnish News Agency STT

Herrasmiehet tutkivat sanomalehden sivua, taustalla suurikokoinen painokone ja joukko painon työntekijöitä, piirroskuva.

The Finnish  News Agency  STT was founded in 1887, which makes it one of the oldest news agencies in the world. STT’s Communications Services was started in 2004. In 2010, the Finnish News Agency acquired Finland’s oldest picture agency, Lehtikuva, which was founded in 1951. This created an agency that is packed with knowledge workers. 

The News Agency’s journalists are hard at work at all hours of the day. During night time-time our reporters write news about events in Finland and around the world from Australia.

Our news in the papers, on the internet and on social media keep everyone up to date.

Our alarm services will wake a client, when there is an unfolding news situation that requires their attention. Clients of our planning services in turn always know what is happening tomorrow or in a week’s time.

All Finns are customers of the Finnish News Agency. Our materials, be it in the form of text or picture, are used by all the most important Finnish media, making any Finnish reader one of our audience.

STT’s Communications Services help companies and organisations tell their stories to their target audiences to gain visibility.

Lehtikuva‘s clientele includes anyone who requires pictures such as media, companies, organisations, publishers and advertisement agencies.

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