Executive Team

Kimmo Pietinen, CEO

Minna Holopainen, Editor-in-Chief

Maunu Anhava, Business Manager STT Communications Services and Lehtikuva picture sales

Tarja Björkqvist, Executive Assistant

Pihla Lehmusjoki, Business Manager / Head of Media Services

Päivi Leskinen, HR Manager

Noora Saarimaa, Business Controller

Panu Tuunala, Head of News Pictures and Sport

Tuomas Venho, Chief Information Officer  

Board of Directors

Commercial Director / Senior VP Petteri Putkiranta, Helsingin Sanomat (chair)

Publisher, Editor-In-Chief Tapio Sadeoja, Ilta-Sanomat

Editor-In-Chief, CEO Tomi Einonen, MTV Uutiset, Mediahub Helsinki

Editor-In-Chief Pekka Mervola, Keskisuomalainen

Editor-In-Chief Kaius Niemi, Helsingin Sanomat

Editor-In-Chief Jouko Jokinen, Yleisradio


Largest Owners of the Finnish News Agency

A total of 31 shareholders