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News Robotics at STT : completed, current and upcoming projects

Scoopmatic uses advanced language technology to automatically generate text based on a data source and previous news stories in the same domain. Helps us skip at least part of the work in creating templates manually. STT launched a data and news robotics platform on October 2019. Scoopmatic is a part of the platform, read more in Finnish here.

STT Spy is a tool that visualizes how news wire content is published on the web and in print publications. It is based on text content cross-matching. Read more here.

STT Nordic Breaking News auto-translates STT’s news wire into English and Swedish within seconds. Nordic Breaking News’ components are language independent.

STT Little Bird was a tool that helped journalists keep track of newsworthy information on different websites. It sent email alerts when something changed on a page that’s been followed. Little Bird was in use from 2018 to 2023.


STT’s Robotics vision

  • Automatization and robotics should be used in the newsroom’s workflow whenever it is possible and beneficial.
  • STT wants to automate its workflows on a wide scale: not just in one department or by focusing on a restricted subject.
  • We will get there with projects that give us tools that can be used as generally as possible.
  • To make the change happen, we need to co-operate with and learn from others.




Please contact:

Pihla Lehmusjoki, Head of Media Services, pihla.lehmusjoki(at)

Maija Paikkala, Business Developer, maija.paikkala(at)